vw diesel engines fully remanufactured with new cylinder heads 12 months warranty

vw 2.5 acvlinde forkliftjx enginevw t4 2.4 aab

vw audi seat skoda linde forklift diesel engines fully remanufactured with new cylinder heads 12 months warranty.( VAG GROUP)

Most Engine codes available, All engines are exchange.

All engines are stripped and cleaned in our metalas washer. All engines are rebored on our state of the art comec boring bar and rehoned to manufacturers specifaction, they are reassembled by ourselves using

New Amc cylinder head (not reworked or infearer copies) New German Kolbenschmidht over size pistons. (Original manufacturers to VAG Group). Polished or reground crankshaft fit with new kolbenschmidht bearings. New kolbenschmidht big end bearings and bolts. New Kolbenschmidht thrust washers. New core plugs. New oil pump ( Febi Bilstein, Kolbenschmidht or German laso). New head gasket German Elring. New head bolts Febi Bilstein. New valves italian Ivam. New hydraulic followers INA. New camshaft. Full set of gaskets German elring. New timing belt (depending on which engine).

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