Elring Dirko Beige Silicone 70ml

Sealing Gap 2,0 mm ,Temperature range -60 oC – +300 oC, Metal to metal surface, Metal to plastic surface, Resistance to oil, Resistance to coolant, Skin forming time 5-10 min, Tensile strength 3,2+0,2 N/mm, Elasticity, Sealing without disassembly.

Chemical basis Oxime silicone, Curing Room temperature Vulcanized (RTV), Components one component, Color beige, consitency pasty, stable, in the cured state permanently resilient.

Possible applications vale cover, oil pan, water and oil pump, differential housing, gearbox, gear oil sump, thermostat housing, control housing, shaft cover, flanged connection, headlamp, tail light battery compartment etc…

Part Number 030.792

Size 70ml

EAN 4041248663943

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